Adam J Campbell PhD

Adam J Campbell PhD

Hello there! Welcome to my website. I like to write and share about data visualisation, statistics, and using R (and some Python). My latest work can be found below. More about me

data graphic of percentage of adult(15+) smokers in countries as a function of time (1980-2019)

HOW-TO: Create a data graphic for Wikipedia

I recently was browsing Wikipedia and noticed this outdated data graphic: The data only covered a limited range and the style left something to be desired. I decided update this graphic with newer data and give it my own style.

graphic with text: wowchemy customisations

Wowchemy customisations

I’ve recently changed this site over to the new Wowchemy theme (formerly Hugo Academic). With that change, I’ve made a few customisations along the way to the theme that I’d like to share.

Chances of Players success in Head-to-Head round based on choice of lower, middle, or higher offer and number of correct answers in the Cash Builder round.

The Chase

A deep dive into trends and analysis of the TV’s The Chase

Hydrometer floating in beer in a reading cylinder, reading a value of 1.022

How much alcohol is in your homebrew?

I make beer as a hobby. It’s something I’ve been doing for over a decade and throughout the years my beer has improved dramatically. One thing that I really like about beer making is the mathematical detail involved.

Map of the Earth with 100 randomly generated great circles.

Different ways to slice the Earth

About 2/3’s the Earth’s land in is the northern hemisphere. How would that change if the equator were in a different location

Screenshot of How Dunedin Gets to Work app

How Dunedin Gets to Work

I recently participated in the There and Back Again data visualisation competition from Stats NZ. I wanted to quickly make a post to feature the app I made, called How Dunedin Gets to Work.

Most Drivers are Better than Average

Most Drivers are Better than Average

Can most drivers be better than average?

Scraping Wikpedia Tables

A quick how-to guide on scraping tables from Wikipedia, using R.

Data graphic of relative position of US states (plus New Zealand) in terms of population density and lived density.

What is the population density of New Zealand?

Recently, it has been argued that New Zealand’s success with dealing with Covid-19 has been due, in part, to its low population density. New Zealand’s population density is around 17.

Overworld double hundo route

Legend of Zelda speedrunning— Which rooms kill runs?

Note: this article was originially published on Medium. This is the part 2 of my series on analyzing speedrunning of Legend of Zelda (check out part 1: Legend of Zelda speedrunning — top 5 time wasting rooms)

Link holding Triforce

Legend of Zelda speedrunning — top 5 time wasting rooms

Note: this article was originially published on Medium. A few months ago I discovered the Retro channel on Twitch where folks play a lot of classic NES and SNES video games that I remember fondly from my childhood.